I am a Mountain Biker. We had a fund raising event at Sac River Trails back in October. For the fund raiser you gather pledges and ride as many laps as you can in a 6 hour time period. It’s tough. In 2015 I completed 24 laps (about 43 miles). My goal was 25 laps for 2016.
I’m in roughly the same shape as I was in 2015. I decided to pace myself, my “pace” would have me at 30 laps, but that would be ZERO breaks and I needed a few. So I figured I’d be somewhere in the 25 lap zone by the end of the 6 hours.
I’ve never been a believer in hydration products, just relied on water and good nutrition. Well…this event change my outlook on hydration products. My legs were feeling a little dead about 1/2 way into the ride. I stopped for some food and grabbed a few swigs of re-play. I felt pretty good the next hour or so.
I really hit a wall with one hour left. I had 23 laps and really wanted to get more. I stopped for a few minutes, got off the bike. My quads AND my hamstrings locked up hard. I was stuck in a delicate position. If I stood upright, my quads would lock, if I bent too far down my hamstrings would lock up.
Gallagher saw that I was struggling, ran over and asked what the problem was. He said “Hang on, I’ll be right back!”
He ran back over with a special mix. I’m not going to say it tasted wonderful, more like sludgy sea water. But he said he was certain my cramps would be gone in less than 5 minutes.
I got back on the bike…I could not sit, I could not stand…so why not try to ride another lap?
Well…the cramps were gone within a few minutes and whatever was in that magic mix helped me crank out 4 more laps by the time expired! Beat my record and my goal bringing in 27 laps!
Thanks again !

Keith D.

I’m a competitive runner of mainly half marathons (13.1 miles), full marathons (26.2 miles) and the occasional ultra marathon (31+ miles) and I strength strain a few days a week. I rely on products that keep me training and competing strong on a daily basis. I’m a coffee drinker (2-4 cups a day), which dehydrates me. Also, since I’m a distance runner, I sweat a lot and need a reliable product to prevent me from getting sluggish, dehydrated and getting cramps, which I suffered major cramps during a technical trail race this past October. I did not like getting passed by runners because of my cramps. It was the most awful pain in my legs like I have never experienced before. I had only a swig of water left in my water bottle with 2 miles left to go! By the end of that race I was taken to the medical tent.

I’m happy to have tried a sample of the Hydration Health pre:play at an event at our local running store a few weeks ago. I liked it and love that it is sugar-free! Diabetes runs on both sides of my family, so I try to be careful with my sugar intake. I took home a couple of samples each of the pre:play and re:play from the event that night. The next morning I drank 16 oz. of pre:play 1 hr. before going on a 10 mile training run and sipped on 16 oz. of re:play throughout my run. I felt hydrated throughout my run without the jittery feeling, but wanted to try the last set of my samples on my next run just to make sure the products were really working for me. The results were great! I wanted to keep this good thing going, so I went a bought a tub of the re:play at my local running store, the Runaround in Joplin. After about 3-4 weeks of training with the product I was eager to use re:play at my recent races which I had great results at! I stayed hydrated and NO CRAMPS! I placed very well at both races using re:play…1st overall female finisher at one race and 3rd overall female finisher at another. I now drink pre:play during the mornings. I recently took advantage of the cyber Monday deal and bought 4 more tubs, which was delivered the next day from Springfield to Joplin. I keep pre:play at work to help keep me focused. Looking forward to drinking re:play during my next marathon on December 31st. I’m feeling confident that I will get a personal best and hopefully get my second Boston Qualification for the 2018 Boston Marathon, but at least I will perform very well and happy to be a new customer! You must give these product a try!

Francene J.

After 19 marathons and four 50 mile runs and even a 100 miler, I thought I had tried most of the options for staying hydrated. I was surprised and very pleased to find re-play! Great product I use on all my runs now. It doesn’t mess when there my stomach like those others with all the sugar and sweetness.

In case you are thinking I’m just one of those fake product endorsements- I also tried the pre-play. I will stick to my other pre- workout powder.

Hands down, Replay is best for my running workouts.

Scott V.

This product definitely helps with keeping you feeling great during hard workouts and races! I’ve used replay and pre:play in my last two races. One took me 11 hours,the other took just over 3 hours…this product helped me feel strong and focused through to the finish! I also take the pre:pay before hard workouts and love how it makes me feel!

Kendra C.

Absolutely love this product!! I have felt fatigued and tired and upon drinking replay have felt 100% better. Also helps with sleep and feeling refreshed in the morning. pre:play is also an excellent pre-workout. No sugar, just hydration and energy!!! Five stars!!!

Isabel H.

I’m very pleased to offer this product to clients and customers of my facility. This is a product that’s beneficial to everyone from the athlete to construction worker. My clients have noticed better quality of performance in the gym and in their sports.

Chris G.

I skateboard for a living and had the chance to use re:play and I gotta say it definitely helped keep me hydrated and fueled to keep going on those long battles filming tricks! Also glad to see it includes Glucosamine to help maintain my muscles, something a lot of skateboarders don’t really realize the importance of. Good stuff!

Shawn H.

Pre:play is an awesome product, thanks for the introduction Gallagher! I felt refreshed and completely energized after taking the samples handed out at HOA..I ordered a tub online that next day haha. I will continue to use this product; I used to take PediaLyte; but this is the most #legit form of hydration I’ve ever used. Thanks man!

Preston S.

Love this product! I take it before my long runs to keep focused and moving. Good sustainable hydration and energy with no crash.

Josh D.

Great product! I typically drink my re:play after an intense workout or run. This is a product that you can tell makes a difference in your performance!

Joseph F.

Awesome products! Definitely a game changer when it comes to hydration!

Dante R.