6 Things You Need To Know Before You Start Running

Orange Running Shoes

Running is one of the healthiest and easiest forms of exercise. Whether you’re a lifelong marathoner or a some-time jogger, running has been shown to add years to your life. But if you start running without knowing what you’re getting into, you’ll end up sore and sorry. Check these six things off your list before…

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Why You’re Cramping During Your Workout

Reaching At Knee

It’s the middle of winter, when the wind bites at your nose on the way into the gym and the summer sun is a distant memory. So why are you still cramping during your workout? Most people associate dehydration with fluid loss through sweat and think that dehydration is impossible when it’s cold outside. What…

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Hangovers Don’t Have To Decrease Your Work Ethic

Coffee, Laptop, and Woman At Work

When you were in college, you could stay out as late as you wanted. There was always glorious Sunday morning: no classes, just an entire day to sleep off your hangover. Now that you’re out in the working world, you don’t have that luxury. What you need is a magic bullet that can let you…

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17 Reasons To Stay Hydrated In 2017

Water Bottle And Tying A Shoe

We all make New Years resolutions and we often make the same resolutions every year. We want you to attain this year’s goal and move onto something bigger and better next year. Most resolutions focus on appetite, health, and sense of wellbeing. Hydration plays a huge part in success in all three of these areas! Here…

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Should I Drink More Fluids on Workout Days?

drink more fluids on workout days

Unless you’re a nutritionist or a fish, chances are you don’t understand exactly how much fluid you should be taking in every day. It’s easy to get used to being dehydrated; it’s the norm for 75% of Americans. The short answer is: yes, you should drink more fluids, especially on days when you’re working out.…

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What Causes a Hangover?

what causes a hangover

If there’s one thing alcohol teaches you, it’s that the harder you party at night, the more you’ll regret it in the morning. But what actually causes the headache, nausea and irritability that we call a hangover? One thing is for sure: dehydration is at the center of it. There are lots of factors that…

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