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hydration for athletes

Your heart is thumping, knees trembling, adrenaline racing through your veins. Every day of training brings new challenges. You know your muscles are prepared, but what’s fueling them?

Sugary drinks will leave you bloated and cramping midway through your workout. Plain old water isn’t bad, but how is that hydration going to get into your cells?

Our formula contains more electrolytes than any other supplement on the market. Electrolytes are the keys that open up your cells so they can absorb more water. When you need your muscles churning at top gear, our re:play formula gives you the fuel to burn.

Take pre:play—with time-release caffeine for crashless energy—to power your workout from the first minute to the last. Then take re:play to recover quickly, so your body feels rested and quenched. Even after the hardest workout, you’ll be ready to go even harder tomorrow.

“As a registered dietitian and ultra-runner I understand that proper nutrition and hydration are one of the keys to top performance and recovery. Re:play has not only aided me in going further but has helped me become a more competitive athlete."

– Jason B.

“I know first hand about dehydration, the effects of it & how it can play havoc on your training/sports life. As a professional athlete and avid crossfitter, my training regimine is always toeing the line with volume…and filled with lots of sweat so hydration on a daily basis is crucial. Having experienced the need to get an IV bag during sporting events, and after competitions, Re:Play is by far the smartest thing I can have in my arsenal. To get the benefit of getting the same hydration as a bag of IV fluid in a drink? You can’t go wrong with that choice. I drink mine everyday…why don’t you?”

– Mathew H.

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