The World's Most Powerful Hydration Supplement

Works Faster

The non-glucose co-transporter delivers electrolytes to your body more efficiently.

Sugar Free

No bloating, extra calories, or sugar crash. re:play pre:play gives your body only what it needs.


re:play & pre:play contain more electrolytes than any other hydration drink on the market.

Why Your Performance is Suffering

Chances are, you are dehydrated right now along with 75% of other Americans. That means your muscles and your brain aren’t getting the nutrients they need! You are limiting your mental and physical performance.

The Strongest Electrolyte Supplement

re:play & pre:play fuel your body with electrolytes to help your cells absorb more water. That means you’ll have the kick to go the extra mile, whether on the job or on the trail.


A sugar-free hydration supplement with time-released caffeine. Use in pre-workouts and before a hard work day.


A basic sugar-free hydration supplement great for post-workout recovery, hangover relief, and joint support.


Our mission is to improve and support the condition of active people and athletes by combating dehydration in their activities and defending them in heat stressed environments. We will advance the science of hydration and bring forward products that will support and improve the user at the gym, playing field or workplace.

Your Body is Thirsty

Water Drop
of people suffer from chronic dehydration, according to doctors.
Fork & Knife
of people mistake thirst for
hunger every day.
Brain Icon
of the human brain is comprised
of water.